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Amazon Fulfilment

At Airbox we are experts at Amazon fulfilment. Whether it be preparation for Fulfilment By Amazon (FBA) or dispatching from our facility as a Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP) partner.

When you work with Airbox Fulfilment, you are benefiting from the same pick, pack, and ship speeds as Amazon Prime, while also integrating into our accurate and simple warehouse management system.

With Airbox fulfilment you can enjoy all of the benefits of selling on Amazon without all of the downsides. Despite the success of Amazon’s FBA, its overuse creates an unfulfilled demand when their facilitates may overfill and reject inessential products. In addition the inclusion of a 2% digital service and post Brexit restrictions have led to an end of their European Fulfilment Network. 

Sellers therefore may wish to fulfil from Amazon direct and we are happy to provide a FBM ‘Fulfilled by Merchant’ solution where we are experts at dispatching packages from our facility as a Seller Fulfilled Prime partner.


Two Amazon fulfillment options available at Airbox;

FBA – Fulfilled By Amazon

Having all your ecommerce stock in one centralised warehouse means we can pick and pack your purchase orders and deliver on the same day. 

We work with sellers both domestic and international and are well versed on the Amazon portal where we are able to check and book FBA POs on behalf of our clients. 

We have sent stock to Amazon Fulfilment centers In the UK, Europe and The USA. All products are labeled accordingly with Amazon specific carton and product labels at the warehouse prior to dispatch. 

SFP and FBM – Seller Fulfilled Prime and Fulfilled By Merchant

Through our integration into Amazon we are able to receive all live orders for SFP. We help our clients maintain Seller Fulfilled Prime status through our consistently high standards of service and adherence to Amazon guidelines. We ensure that all orders received are dispatched for next day delivery.

Opting for seller fulfilled prime means you must adhere to high standards and procedures. However, you also maintain control over the branded experience your Amazon customers receive.   


Having worked with clients new to Amazon and both FBA and SFP options we are happy to offer advice on which option would work best for your current business.